Software Engineer - Front-end

Job description

Do you want the freedom and entrepreneurial culture of a start-up, but with the security of an already successful company? Join our team and help build the future.

Xebia Studio brings digital ideas to life. With a close-knit team of experts in Agile, Product Management, UX, Data Science, and Software Engineering we help companies to build products their customers love.


As a software engineer in this team, you will be working together with great minds in your field. You will not just be writing code. You'll be solving actual problems for real users. Those solutions will be validated of course, 

because who knows what users really want until you show them? One thing is for sure, though; you'll be using the latest and greatest technology stack. That's because you're the one who gets to decide what to use. Lately though, we're very fond of React and Vue,js. In the back-end, we're using a lot of Scala, NodeJS, Go, or good old Java at the moment.


And did we mention one of our core principles? It's People First (Right before 'Quality without compromise', by the way). That means we will do our best to make sure you have the environment you need to focus on what you do best; developing kick-ass products.

The boxes we'd like you to tick

  • The opportunity to help shaping the direction of a starting business unit
  • Inspiring working environment.
  • The most challenging assignments.
  • Colleagues you can learn from. No matter how good you are.
  • Every other week in-house knowledge sharing sessions.
  • 6 hackathons a year.
  • A big hardware budget to get whatever you want
  • Remarkable training budget.
  • Trust and freedom.
  • We are a no. 1 company and we will do everything to remain so.



  • Passion for software development.
  • Strong knowledge of the latest and greatest technologies.
  • Hungry for as much knowledge as you can get your hands on.
  • An expertise in front-end, but you feel comfortable in the back-end as well.
  • A healthy obsession for reusable, high-performance code build on the best principles.
  • Experience with complex, distributed systems.
  • Common sense. It’s all about the best tool for the job.
  • Working agile is in your core. You don’t write code. You find solutions to problems.
  • You’re not afraid to make difficult choices and can back those up.
  • Knowledge is wisdom. You love to share it to make people better