Digital Designer

Job description

Do you want the freedom and entrepreneurial culture of a start-up, but with the security of an already successful company?

Join our team as a Digital Product Designer and help build the future!

You’re challenging your team and the client to come up with products that solve actual problems. You pick up the Sharpie when it’s needed, you create in Sketch on an almost daily basis, and you even have an opinion to decide on how the interface should behave in terms of motion. You create, that’s for sure. You analyze, that’s part of the job. You’re an out-of-the-box thinker

Crafting products people love is what we do. A beautiful design is required, as this is one of the crucial elements in these loveable products. That's where you come in! You feel the beauty itself and understand how to create esthetically perfect products.

You are the ‘creative' conscience within our tightly-knit, small, cross-functional Innovation teams, which makes you responsible for the entire design and the focus of the product - naturally together with a Product Owner. 

Moreover, we are techy geeks and we value a teamwork. That’s why you’ll collaborate tightly with Engineers, working in a cross-functional Agile team. We value a lot if you have a curiosity to dive a bit deeper into the technologies part. It’s not an easy road, as there are no paved roads. 

Nevertheless; you take charge and create products that are so intuitive, consistent and simple that they’re almost invisible. And at the same time, the product contributes to the business goals that our client has with it. That’s cool! Right?! This is what we do and what we expect from the Digital Product Designer who will join our crew. 

Does this make you the only creative? No! Every single person at Xebia Studio, and therefore everyone within our different Innovation teams, has the mandatory problem-solving mindset. So this means everyone is involved in finding solutions and creating great products. Furthermore: we have multiple UX and UI Designers within our company, so we’ve got your back ;)


  • You are the user representative and therefore challenge your team from that point-of-view;
  • You're able to understand the essence of a brand and you can turn it into a digital product like no other
  • You have an eye for detail and a passion for design;
  • You know how to, and can translate a concept into a working product; 
  • You can handle the freedom that you get and can take charge;
  • You design new features, from wireframes and wireflows to visual designs; 
  • You communicate and define your design decisions;
  • You bring a product to live with functional motion design; 
  • You thrive on feedback: validate, validate, validate is what you do on a regular basis 
  • You make sure your Innovation team gets the design input they need 
  • You define which and when usability tests need to be performed 
  • You create prototypes when necessary 
  • You understand the concepts of HTML and CSS
  • You can build and maintain UI components with a Design System
  • You understand that functionality is above the form
  • You have an experience of working in Agile team 
  • You communicate fluently in English

What You'll Love About us

  • The opportunity to help shape the direction of a starting business unit
  • Colleagues you can learn from. No matter how good you are
  • Trust and freedom
  • Every other week in-house knowledge sharing events
  • Six hackathons a year.
  • A significant hardware budget to get whatever you want
  • Remarkable training budget
  • Great secondary benefits
  • We are a no. 1 company, and we will do everything to remain so

Want to know more about how we design products and collaborate with the dev team? Take a look at the latest blog post from Giorgio  - one of our Design Lead!