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Working at Xebia Studio is pretty awesome. Let us tell you why.

We work in teams consisting of both engineers and designers. All wonderfully different people who breathe the Studio culture. When we say 'crafting products people can't live without', we mean bringing products to life that users truly care about in weeks rather than months or even years. We combine design thinking, agile development and highly skilled people to make it all happen.

We do our product development in-house. In a purpose-designed area where we have the facilities to bring out the most value. We reject traditional office culture in favour of a more easy going environment where bad word jokes and knowledge of memes is a must.

At Studio we hire for culture and train for skill. Of course we need people who are very good at what they do, but we also believe mindset and culture goes a long way. 

That culture is best described in the four core values of our parent company, Xebia Group International: 1. People first. 2. Sharing knowledge. 3. Quality without compromise 4. Customer intimacy.

Does this sound like a place you can fit in at? Apply for one of our positions today!

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Our team

The unicorns behind our company

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Teije van Sloten
Full-Stack Engineer
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Freek Wielstra
Full-Stack Engineer
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Patrick Akil
Full-Stack Engineer
Thumb avatar 1537173851
Arne Staphorsius
Full-Stack Engineer
Thumb avatar 1548091182
Luca Cavallin
Full-Stack Engineer
Thumb avatar 1537173852
Yorick Toma
Full-stack Engineer
Thumb avatar 1548091209
Willie Krause
Full-Stack Engineer
Thumb avatar 1537173864
Giorgio Lefeber
Lead Visual Designer
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Sander Ploegsma
Full-Stack Engineer
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Wilco Nap
Unit Manager
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Odette Vincent
Sales Director
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Jeffrey van den Dungen Bille
Lead UX Designer
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[Insert your name here]
UX Designer
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[Insert your name here]
Full-stack Engineer
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[Insert your name here]
Marketing Manager

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Current openings

Creative All-Round Marketing Manager
Xebia Studio
  • Hilversum, Netherlands
Digital Designer
Xebia Studio
  • Hilversum, Netherlands
Full-stack Engineer
Xebia Studio
  • Hilversum, Netherlands


Laapersveld, Hilversum

Find us at

Laapersveld 27, 1213 VB Hilversum